Coffee boxes

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Coffee boxes
Espresso Monte-Carlo


A cup of originality

This year, why not change the traditional gifts like wine or champagne ? Offer exceptional coffees, in grains or capsules, handroasted by our master roaster. An exceptional handcraft touch in each box.

The harvest

At Espresso Monte-Carlo we harvest organic coffee cherries by hand selecting only ripe fruits. This method called "picking" is more expensive and more tedious because it involves several passes of the picker on the same tree, to allow each cherry the time to reach maturity at its own pace. This is however the only way to achieve aromatic harmony an get a great coffee.

Hand roasted Coffees

Voluntarily against the current of large industrial productions, our coffees are the result of a slow roasting, over low heat to sublimate the sensory profile of each coffee. Our master roasters produce for you coffees with unique aromatic signatures.