Embark on the best coffee destinations ! Brazil, Nicaragua, Ethiopia, India, Mexico, Rwanda, Colombia, Dominican Republic … Discover the Premium Espresso Monte Carlo range. Unique creations, with fruity, gourmet, woody notes to seduce all coffee lovers.

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  • Intensité
    4 to 10
  • Taille de tasse
    Ristretto - 25 ml / Espresso - 40 ml / Lungo - 60 ml
  • Contenu
    x 80 capsules : 1 Écrin de saveurs | 1 Noir Intense | 1 Millésime | 1 Ekera Moka | 1 Grand Cru Bio | 1 Matin du Monde | 1 Santo Domingo | 1 Ara Déca | 1 gift bag
Intense Black: A harmonious blend of Arabicas of characters from the Andean Cordillera, Brazil, Colombia, Congo and an Indian Robusta. Millésime: A red bourbon from Rwanda combined with a gourmet Arabica from Brazil. Grand Cru Bio: A Bio Bourbon from Peru combined with a fruity Arabica from Honduras. Ekera Moka: A 100% Ethiopian mocha, bright and floral. Ara Deca: A blend of Arabicas from the Chiapas region of Mexico. Santo Domingo: A marriage of Caribbean woody and greedy Arabicas. Matin du Monde: The encounter of Nicaraguan fruity Arabicas and an Ethiopian mocha with an aromatic palette rich in nuances. Ecrin de saveurs : A trip to the best coffee lands: Brazil, Nicaragua, Ethiopia, India, Mexico, Rwanda, Colombia, Dominican Republic ...
Conversely of the industrial productions, our coffees are the result of a slow roasting, over low heat to sublimate the sensory profile of each coffee. Our master roasters produce for you coffees with unique aromatic signatures.
During the harvest of our coffees, only ripe coffee cherries are select. This method called "picking" is more expensive and more tedious because it involves several passes of the picker on the same tree, to allow each cherry the time to reach maturity at its own pace. This is however the only way to achieve aromatic harmony an get a great coffee.
All our coffees are roasted in France.