Ristretto Bio
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The balance between strength and finesse, this coffee is distinguished by subtle notes of cedar and fresh nuts intensely raised by the spicy body of Robusta.

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    Ristretto - 20 ml
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    x 10 alu free capsules
70 % Arabica / 30 % Robusta, a strength from its volcanic lands of Central America. An ideal coffee for those looking for a fine and contrasting espresso.
A slow and separate roast to sublime the aromatic richness of its origins.
Espresso Monte Carlo coffees are harvested by hand. This traditional harvesting method is expensive and requires multiple runs on the same tree. The only way to ensures the highest quality cup.
All of our coffee are roasted and capped in France in a short circuit.
Our coffee capsules are made specifically for Nespresso® machines. All of our capsules are tested to ensure optimal compatibility without risk of damage to your equipment.