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We select in the heart of each region of production, the best qualities of coffee beans to ensure a unique tasting.
Explore the aromatic palette of our premium or organic coffees in the box of a capsule developed for the Nespresso® system.


Colombia, Brazil, Ethiopia, Dominican Republic ... Each land is carefully chosen by our experts for the aromatic richness of their coffee beans. Each recipe has a unique profile to satisfy every coffee lover.

The harvest

During the harvest of our coffees, only ripe coffee cherries are select. This method called "picking" is more expensive and more tedious because it involves several passes of the picker on the same tree, to allow each cherry the time to reach maturity at its own pace. This is however the only way to achieve aromatic harmony an get a great coffee.

torréfaction artisanale café espresso monte-carlo

Hand roasted coffee

Conversely of the industrial productions, our coffees are the result of a slow roasting, over low heat to sublimate the sensory profile of each coffee. Our master roasters produce for you coffees with unique aromatic signatures

The authentic taste

The main quality of our coffee capsules is above all their taste. We take care to put more coffee than the average of the market, 58 g to guarantee the pleasure of an intensely rich tasting.

The innovation

Aluminium Free - 100% biodegradable 

The The coffee capsules of the organic range are alu free, they are made from a plant and renewable raw material: corn, which we will use span. The OK Compost and OK Biobased labels attest to their biodegradability and compostability.

Compatible coffee machines

Compatible coffee machine for our capsules. A non-exhaustive list of coffee machines you can use safely with our Premium and Organic coffee capsules.

French production

Since 2019, from the receipt of green coffee beans, to the manufacturing process of our coffees is 100% made in France, from roasting to packaging.

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